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United, for love and life!

A rapidly spread of COVID-19 in the year 2020 has led to an unprecedented predicament over the world, I believe that you were shocked by this unexpected pandemic too! We are now living under the pandemic and affected by natural disasters which force us to think about the meaning of being alive, is there anything else we should do apart from the fame and fortune.

Under this new normal, everyone including the vulnerable groups is struggling to adapt. They still strive to survive with the limited basic living resources. We would like to ask, is there anything we can do for them? Individually, we are a drop but together, we are an ocean.

United, for love and life, for lending our hand to the needed ones in passing through the difficulties. Turns the love into a blessing, we believe that the positive energy will be spread continuously and create a better community.


Zero abandonment and marginalization on disabled group


We will continuously contribute all our effort to providing comprehensive aid which includes child-raising, medical care, education, and employment. The public’s awareness and the improvement of social welfare for the disabled group have established the future direction of SoServ Welfare.


“SoServ Welfare” is an organization that will continue in helping, supporting and blessing all of them. Hence, we have established two long-terms goals as our blueprint of development as below:

Service Group

“SoServ Welfare” is an organization that prioritizes social welfare. A different group of people will require a different kind of assistance and to fulfill most of the needs, there are four areas we are focusing on as below:


To provide a comfortable living environment, “SoServe Welfare” shelter and training center are occupying 12,000 square feet. The space not only provides the activities area but also provides the rest room, learning, and rehabilitation space for the children with different needs. Our center can accommodate 80 peoples who are eligible, and our friendly living environment to cater from the basic living, education, and also medical care. What are our hardware and software equipment?