12 People Tested Positive, Need Your Help Urgently

12 People Tested Positive, Need Your Help Urgently

Two weeks ago, a child was tested positive and our center has been closed for 10 days. However, another 12 people tested positive after 7 days of the center reopened.

The source of infection was one of the caregivers who has send her son to the hospital as her son fell and bled on March 12. Both of them become unwell on March 15 and tested positive after the PCR test.

She did not go out for dinner or gatherings but stayed in the center after work. Hence, we suspected she is infected due to the crowd in the hospital.

It is a hit hard to us after 2 consecutive cases whereby all the appointments made from the donor have to cancel and this had worried us that unable to afford the monthly expenses of RM25,000.

All the children and staff conducted the PCR test on March 16 and the children who were tested negative after 4 days quarantined are required to do another PCR test for safety purposes.

The PCR cost RM150 per person and it is very a burden to us as not only pay for the monthly expense but also need to bear the fee of the PCR test which cost few thousand.

Our monthly expenses are RM25,038 and the breakdown is as follow:
RM5,760 —— Meal Expenses
RM1,728 —— Diapers
RM946 —— Daily Necessities
RM1,484 —— Utilities
RM7,300 —— Rental
RM240 —— Medical Expenses
RM6,800 —— Wages of 4 Caregivers
RM250 —— Transportation Fee
RM530 —— Miscellaneous
Monthly Expenses | RM25,038
Annual Expenses | RM300,456

Hereby, SoServ Welfare Malaysia hopes that the kind-hearted you can support us and stay with us by donating online. We appreciate that!

Your action of sharing will help SoServ Welfare Malaysia continue to operate and enable us to have more funds as well as resources to take in more unfortunate disabled people.