Kid Number 002 - Chong Wei Hou

Kid Number 002 – Chong Wei Hou

Kid Number : 002
Name : Chong Wai Hou
Date of Birth : 1/5/2008
Age : 13
Gender : male
Race : Chinese
State : Selangor
Family Background : Single parent family, mother of age 50 working as a maid, has a brother who is studying at university.
Disease : Down Syndrome

Wai Hou is a 13-year-old boy who has Down Syndrome. He has a strange habit which he drinks toilet water and his urine, hence, he can’t be left alone for a moment.

Wai Hao has never seen his father before, his father left them during his mother’s pregnancy and hence, his mother gave birth to the little one alone. Wai Hou’s mother did regular prenatal check-ups the fetus has no health issues.

Unfortunately, Wai Hou was born prematurely in the 8th month. When the baby boy was born, the doctor was hugging Wai Hao, asked the mother to look at her son and said: “This is your child, and he is possibly a down syndrome”.

Wai Hao was born in a government hospital, due to premature birth, he stay in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) baby incubator for 2 weeks. During this period, the doctor has done a proper check-up and determined that Wai Hao is down syndrome. The mother had a breakdown immediately.

The mother is at risk of losing her job as she has to take care of Wai Hao

Wai Hou has a brother, his mother is undertaking the role of both father and mother to raise the 2 kids independently. His brother is filial piety and a considerate child, he successfully enrolled in university under his mother’s guidance.

In order to support the brother’s education fees, the mother gets a housekeeping job where she can bring along Wai Hao while working at the employer’s home.

Due to Wai Hou’s intellectual disability, Wai Hao doesn’t know the dos and don’ts. He frequently creates rattling sound and throw things to get his mother’s attention when she is working.

The employer expresses her sympathy towards the mother by allowing her to bring along Wai Hou during working hours. However, Wai Hou’s abnormal behavior has caused a problematic issue at work and her mother is at risk of being dismissed from her duty.

While the mother is working, Wai Hao will frequently distract his mother, the mother will punish him sometimes just to hope that he can be quiet for a moment and not affect others. The mother will weep silently every time after punishing Wai Hou.

Forced to Send Wai Hou to the Disabled Center

The 50 years old mother has a son who is studying university, hence she needs an income to support the living expenses. She works as a maid and is forced to entrust us to take care of Wai Hao so she can work contentedly.

Wai Hou has checked in to our center and we feed him with Pediasure high nutrition milk. The mother is happy and grateful as she could not afford the milk during her caretaking. Our caregivers also need to stay around to take care of him to avoid Wai Hou drinking his urine or toilet water.

Looking Wai Hao’s Sponsor

We will feed Wai Hou 4 meals a day and he needs to change his diaper 4 times daily. To have a healthier Wai Hou, we will feed him Pediasure milk, vitamins, and supplements.

Wai Hou’s monthly expenses for milk powder, supplements, and diapers:

RM360 – Meal Expenses

RM130 – Milk Powder

RM165 – Supplements

RM192 – Diapers

RM847(Not included other expenses such as daily necessities, utilities, rent, medical expenses, wages of caregiver, and miscellaneous. )

SoServ Welfare Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organization with no fixed source of donations. Our monthly expenses are about RM25,038 and we are relying on public donations in order to continue taking care of these unfortunate disabled children.

Hereby, we hope that kind-hearted you can become Wai Hou’s sponsor, a monthly donation with any amount will allow us to have sufficient funds to take care of every sweet one.

Your action of sharing will help SoServ Welfare Malaysia continue to operate and enable us to have more funds as well as resources to take in more unfortunate disabled people.