Kid Number 003 - Lim Aun Yeow

Kid Number 003 – Lim Aun Yeow

Kid Number 003
Name Lim Aun Yeow
Date of Birth 6/5/1992
Age 29
Gender Male
Race Chinese
State Selangor
Family Background Father of age 63, mother of age 61, 3rd and only son among the siblings.
Disease Meningitis lead to paralyzed and Epilepsy

Aun Yeow is an adorable boy when he was born, unfortunately, he was diagnosed with meningitis when he was 9 months old and only can lay on the bed, it is been 29 years since then.

Aun Yeow had a high fever and diarrhea when he is 9 months old, his parents believe something is not right and is nervous about it. Aun Yeow was brought to 4 specialists but there was no illness detected.

After some time, he was diagnosed with meningitis. The doctor told the parents to be mentally prepared as Aun Yeow might not survive more than 3 years old. Thankfully, Aun Yeow is now 30 years old under his parents’ meticulous care.

It is not easy for his parents in the past 30 years and his parents had no complaints at all. However, as Aun Yeow grew up on the bed, his parents get older as well. His father is 63 years old and his mother is 61 years old now, they are not capable to take care Aun Yeow anymore as they are old now.

The parents are working very hard to sustain the expense of hiring a caretaker to look after Aun Yeow

Aun Yeow is paralyzed, laying on the bed and he could not take care of himself. His father has to work and his mother is a small size lady which does not have the energy in taking care of his son who is 170cm in height. His mother could not move him from the wheelchair or bed or vice versa.

Aun Yeow’s parents work very hard to sustain the expenses of hiring a maid to take care Aun Yeow. Aun Yeow can’t eat solid food,hence, they only can feed him with minced foods. The maid helps Aun Yeow in showering and provide physical therapy to keep his muscles from atrophying.

Aun Yeow’s father is a renovation contractor, the pandemic has impacted badly on their income. To reduce the expenses, his father could not afford foreigner helpers, hence the mother has to work together with her husband.

Beginning of this year, Aun Yeow accidentally fell from his bed and broke his arm. He was admitted to the hospital for 20-25 stitches. He underwent surgery and the doctor had implanted screws into his hand bone.

The maid went back to his country Indonesia as she is old now, she can no longer take care of Aun Yeow. Aun Yeow’s parents love him so much, however, they are getting older as well and decided to entrust us to take care of their son. When they send Aun Yeow to SoServ Welfare Malaysia and talk about their past, we feel their helplessness.

We Are Taking Good Care of Aun Yeow

When we started taking care of Aun Yeow, two caregivers are required for his showering, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and changing diapers as Auo Yeow is a tall guy. Aun Yeow can’t eat solid food, the caregiver has to blend the food and feed him. Hence, he requires a longer time to consume his meal which is about 30 minutes.

Aun Yeow’s father has given us an electrical bed for his son to use it. Our caregiver will massage him and help him to stay on the electrical bed so he can lay up properly.

Aun Yeow who is paralyzed, could not speak. He likes listening to music and watching things around him. When someone approaches him or plays with him, he will feel happy by laughing loudly. He always pays attention to the caregiver and smiles at them when they play with him around the bed or wheelchair.

Look for Aun Yeow’s Sponsor.

We will feed Aun Yeow 4 meals a day and he needs to change his diaper 4 times daily. To have a healthier Au Yeow, we will feed him vitamins and supplements.

Aun Yeow’s monthly expenses for meals, supplements, and diapers:

RM360 – Meal Expenses

RM165 – Supplements

RM192 – Diapers

RM717(Not included other expenses such as daily necessities, utilities, rent, medical expenses, wages of caregiver, and miscellaneous.)

SoServ Welfare Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organization with no fixed source of donations. Our monthly expenses are about RM25,038 and we are relying on public donations in order to continue taking care of these unfortunate disabled children.

Hereby, we hope that kind-hearted you can become Aun Yeow’s sponsor, a monthly donation with any amount will allow us to have sufficient funds to take care of every sweet one.

Your action of sharing will help SoServ Welfare Malaysia continue to operate and enable us to have more funds as well as resources to take in more unfortunate disabled people.