Kid Number 004 - Goh Kia Nee

Kid Number 004 – Goh Kia Nee

Kid Number 004
Name Goh Kia Nee
Date of Birth 2/11/2005
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Chinese
State Melacca
Family Background Single-parent family, mother of age 48 who has a serious mental illness and suicidal tendency.
Disease Autism, Hyperactive Children.

Kia Nee is a 17 years old girl from a single-parent family who lives in Melaka. She was found by her mother to be autistic after she was born. In order to take care of her, her mother couldn’t work at all. They have to rely on the support from Kia Nee’s uncle for a long time.

Due to autism, she doesn’t respond or talk to anyone. She likes pulling over the chair into the corner and sitting alone.

As the mother can’t go out but only stay at home, she has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, anxiety, and panic disorder. She needs to take the medication to control her illness and hence, she is unable to take care of her daughter anymore.

Kia Nee Is A Autism and Hyperactive

Kia Nee also is a hyperactive child. She will keep repeating her walking route and it will take more than half an hour sometime, she is not happy when we approach her. Her emotion is not stable and needs special care.

Kia Nee doesn’t talk and is unable to take care of herself. Her mother needs to take care of her daily meal and showering for her. As Kia Nee is a hyperactive child, she likes to scratch and pinche herself. In her subconscious, she tends to self-injury and the consequences could be unimaginable when her mother is inattention to her.

It is exhausted for her mother in taking care of this special kid, her illness is getting more serious. Before Kia Nee sends to our center, we received several calls from her mother with the scary thought that in taking her daughter to commit suicide.

Kia Nee’s mother was admitted to the mental hospital for treatment after sending Kia Nee to SoServ Welfare Malaysia

Kia Nee’s mother is unable to take care of her and entrusted her uncle to send Kia Nee to get the sheltering and care from us.

At first, Kia Nee was very resistant and cried all the time but she slowly loves the environment after a few days and she met some new friends here. As she is living all the time with her mother in the home before, she had no friends.

She will scratch herself due to hyperactivity and to avoid this, our caregiver put on the gloves for her and she did not scratch herself anymore since then. She was interested and felt special about the gloves, she will play her hands and very much enjoyed it.

Looking for Kia Nee’s Sponsor

Kia Nee is unable to take care of herself, we will feed her 4 meals a day and she needs to change her diaper 4 times daily. To have a healthier Kia Nee, we will feed her vitamins and supplements.

Kia Nee’s monthly expenses for meals, supplements, and diapers:

RM360 – Meal Expenses

RM165 – Supplements

RM192 – Diapers

RM717(Not included other expenses such as daily necessities, utilities, rent, medical expenses, wages of caregiver, and miscellaneous. )

SoServ Welfare Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organization with no fixed source of donations. Our monthly expenses are about RM25,038 we are relying on public donations for us to continue taking care of these unfortunate disabled children.

Hereby, we hope that kind-hearted you can become Kia Nee’s sponsor, a monthly donation with any amount will allow us to have sufficient funds to take care of every sweet one.

Your action of sharing will help SoServ Welfare Malaysia continue to operate and enable us to have more funds as well as resources to take in more unfortunate disabled people.