Kid Number 009 - Lim Mei Kwan

Kid Number 009 – Lim Mei Kwan

Kid Number 009
Name Lim Mei Kwan
Date of Birth 7/12/1975
Age 46
Gender Female
Race Chinese
State Kuala Lumpur
Family Background Father of age 77 and mother of age 73, both aged and incapable to take care of her.
Disease Diagnosed with severe depression due to divorce, suicide attempt has resulted in weakness of legs and required a wheelchair.

Mei Kwan is a 47 years old lady who originated from KL and used to be normal before. She experienced a failed marriage 10 years ago and become a single parent who needs to take care of her children alone. Due to the psychological pressure coupled with the pressure from finances and work, she suffered from severe depression. Her physical and mental health have deteriorated since then.

She became a psychiatric disorder after suffering from depression, she will do unexpected and dangerous things frequently. She is also in negative emotions and has a tendency toward suicide frequently.

Her family is incapable to take care of her anymore

Mei Kwan has 2 younger sisters and they are taking care of Mei Kwan with their parents for over 10 years since her psychiatric disorder. The sisters need to bring her to the hospital for follow-up visits frequently. To take care of her, they have lost weight and felt mentally exhausted.

She has a 17 years old daughter who is still studying and is unable to take care of her mother all the time, her 2 sisters are also married and have their own families now. Mei Kwan’s father is 77 years old and her mother who is stroke is 73 years old now.

Suicide attempt by drinking suds

Mei Kwan has requested her family to send her to the disabled center and after the internal discussion, they have no choice but only can entrust us to take care of Mei Kwan. When Mei Kwan moved into our center, she always thought that she had implicated her family and felt guilty when she thought that she would implicate us as well. Because of guilt, she said: “I will suicide by drinking the suds when I take a shower!”

We don’t blame or scold her, but we accepted and took her in. We will be her listener when she is in need as she needs long-term assistance, encouragement, and company. After Mei Kwan came into our center, she is now emotionally stable and didn’t hear she wants to commit suicide anymore.

We are taking good care of Mei Kwan since she moved in, and her emotion is also gradually improved. She also met many new friends here and is very close to Foung Ling, they talk and listen to each other. Sometimes, Foung Ling will also bring some clothes to fold and chat with Mei Kwan.

We really felt relieved when saw the improvement of Mei Kwan, we hope she can continue living cheerfully and not torturing herself anymore.

Looking for Mei Kwan’s Sponsor

Mei Kwan is unable to take care of herself and she needs to change her diaper 4 times daily. To have a healthier Mei Kwan, we will feed her vitamins and supplements.

Mei Kwan’s monthly expenses for meals, supplements, diapers, and daily necessities:

RM360 – Meal Expenses

RM199 – Vitamins & Supplements

RM192 – Diapers

RM73 – Daily Necessities

RM824 (Not included other expenses such as medical expenses, utilities, rent, wages of caregiver, and miscellaneous.)

SoServ Welfare Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organization with no fixed source of donations. Our monthly expenses are about RM25,038 we are relying on public donations for us to continue taking care of these unfortunate disabled children.

Hereby, we hope that kind-hearted you can become Mei Kwan’s sponsor, a monthly donation with any amount will allow us to have sufficient funds to take care of every sweet one.

Your action of sharing will help SoServ Welfare Malaysia continue to operate and enable us to have more funds as well as resources to take in more unfortunate disabled people.