Kid Number 012 - Chang Kar Saint

Kid Number 012 – Chang Kar Saint

Kid Number 012
Name Kar Saint Kar Saint
Date of Birth 27/8/1967
Age 54
Gender Male
Race Chinese
State Selangor
Family Background Father passed away in 2019, mother of age 79 who has uterine cancer, younger sister with depressive disorder also stay in our center.
Disease Intellectual and learning disability due to high fewer when he was an infant.

Kar Saint Kar Saint is 55 years old and had, had a serious fever that affected his mental growth which led to intellectual and learning disability when he was an infant. Even though he is capable to perform daily activities such as having meals, showers, and going to the toilet. However he could not communicate normally with others, he only uses hand gestures to express himself.

Kar Saint mental age remains at 3 years old since then. He could not communicate in any other languages but only knows a little bit of Hokkien as his family is using Hokkein to communicate with him when he was a child.

The disabled community has different genetics, when compared to a normal person they generally age faster. Kar Saint is only 55 years old now but with his white hair, he looks like an 80 years old adult.

His 25 years old sister with auditory hallucinations is also a disabled person.

The whole family is staying at Seri Kembangan, Selangor and he is the eldest son in the family, her sister Kar Saint Foung Ling was found with auditory hallucinations at the age of 25 and she has always talked to herself since then. Hence, she is diagnosed with mental illness and required someone around to take care of her. Currently, both of them are staying in our centre.

His father passed away in 2019 (78 years old), and his mother (79 years old) was diagnosed with uterine cancer and incapable to take care of them anymore. Kar Saint’s sister could not take care of them as she has her own family to look after, Kar Saint’s youngest brother (48 years old) is the only one who is taking care of the mother. As the youngest brother needs to work, he is unable to take care of them. Therefore, he has decided to send them into the disabled center.

They were violence abused in the previous disabled center

They have stayed in a disabled center before and unfortunately, there are violent children in that center and they hit the 2 siblings badly. Their family couldn’t bear to see it happen again, hence they have decided to bring them home. The siblings stay at home until their family is aware of our center. We need to ensure the safety of every child and hence, we refuse to take in children with violent tendencies.

Kar Saint has learned so much in our center as our caregivers are teaching him the basic living skills such as folding the clothes, keep up the plates, and arranging the chairs and tables neatly. He will ask for color pen to do his drawings.

When there is visitors in our center, Kar Saint will knock our office door to notify us. He will help to carry the donated materials from the visitors and took photos with them. At the age of 55, Kar Saint is rather cute than old.

Kar Saint’s family will drop by to visit them on and off and when they saw they are living here happy, they felt relieved as praised on our care.

Looking for Foung Ling’s Sponsor

As Kar Saint is aging rapidly and to have a healthier Kar Saint, we will feed him vitamins and supplements to boost his immune system and immunity.

Kar Saint’s monthly expenses for meals, supplements, and daily necessities:

RM360 – Meal Expenses

RM199 – Vitamins & Supplements

RM73 – Daily Necessities

RM632 (Not included other expenses such as medical expenses, utilities, rent, wages of caregiver, and miscellaneous.)

SoServ Welfare Malaysia is a non-profit charitable organization with no fixed source of donations. Our monthly expenses are about RM25,038 we are relying on public donations for us to continue taking care of these unfortunate disabled children.

Hereby, we hope that kind-hearted you can become Kar Saint’s sponsor, a monthly donation with any amount will allow us to have sufficient funds to take care of every sweet one.

Your action of sharing will help SoServ Welfare Malaysia continue to operate and enable us to have more funds as well as resources to take in more unfortunate disabled people.