Don’t let the suffering continue, kindly contact us if any disabled people or helpless patients are in need.

SoServ Welfare Malaysia has been established and we are a non-profit charity organization that provides free shelter and free medical assistance to patients from poor families. We also provide support to unfortunate and helpless single-parent families to overcome their difficulties.

Our center can accommodate up to 80 disabled people. Whoever is physically or mentally disabled can apply to request assistance from us regardless of age, gender, race, cultural, and religious background.

In the beginning, we have taken in 10 unfortunate people and there are dedicated caregivers who will be taking care of them from daily life, and rehabilitation care until they are able to take the basic education and self-improvement.

The aim of SoServ Welfare Malaysia establishment is to help all the unfortunate people and families regardless of their background but only care about their helplessness and sadness and provide them the assistance. We are acting as a bridge that connects everyone to participate in sharing your love, light the hope of the unfortunate groups and help them in action. We hope the love from you can gather and turn into a powerful force that brings warmth to the unfortunate groups.

SoServ Welfare Malaysia is a non-profit charity organization that does not receive any financial assistance. Our council members cannot bear to see the helplessness and sorrow of the unfortunate group. With the grief of losing a loved one, we vowed to take the first step, and we are here to hope and appeal to everyone who can join us to help the unfortunate group together.

How far we can go and how many people we can help really depends on your support, help, and donations. We truly appreciate this.

Although we started from scratch, we firmly believe that the society has a generous and kind heart and there are many enthusiasts in the country. Hence, we hope that you will come forward to help and save the unfortunate groups. First of all, we would like to ask for the daily necessities and funds donations to maintain the services and operation.

As for charity donations, there is no minimum amount and please contact us for more details. We also hope that you can like and forward this posting to get more attention from society and let them know we are willing and work together to help the unfortunate group.